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Interview with Felipe Alarcon

As you probabbly know, Felipe is a newest member of Medvednica Bears familly. From the start of 2016. season, Felipe came to Croatia from Chile to play baseball for Bears. We asked him a couple of question before big weekend.

How do you like Croatia so far?

You are lucky guys to live in a beautiful country with beautiful people and awesome places, of course like everywhere there are some "personalities" who aren't making proud this land, you know, politicians and relationed people who are always thinking on their pockets first and later on the benefit of the population... I don't agree with them and I believe this country will overcome itself one more once.
According the way here, Croatian are very lovely (at least with me) they always have some words for me, wishing success with my career and good wills as well. Beautiful women, lovely kids, in general, a "tasty" place.

Your opinion about baseball quality in Croatia and Interleague?

Croatian baseball players are high skilled guys in some cases, but not enough for become professionals, my comparison is, if you want to be a professional player, you need to turn your life to baseball, like to go to university, you should change your classroom for the field, workouts area, streets for running, eat better, don't smoke, control your alcohol drinking, rest better, be responsible with your body, your life, don't exceed limits and keep healthy the most of the time. With this background, I think there are no huge possibilities to turn the way in a place like here. According Interleague, it's awesome that people from Slovakia takes the leadership for offer to this region a new concept of baseball, if you know already that old concepts and tendencies don't bring you nowhere, I would bet for new horizons and that's what EIB is doing so far, we need to support in the professional way these ideas and try to level the clubs and its organizations into the way which EIB is looking for. Their goal is to turn professional this league and I think it's possible today with few clubs around.

Are you satisfied with your team?

For answer this we need to understand under which context we are talking about... As a baseball team, we need to recover a lot episodes on this sport for become a real baseball team, there are no priorities, everybody makes whatever they think, there isn't philosophy behind as a team, we don't have priorities, we don't talk same baseball language, some guys are not able for play baseball, but I understand which is the ways in Croatia as well, is too easy to mention that "we aren't professionals" but everyone has same dream behind which is to play better and higher level, in fact, the most of the people is talking with the mouth but not with hands... Our level is enough so far for be in second place at standings and never before this team was in such a position, so I hope this year is the starting for better dimensions and places talking about baseball.
As a persons, my club is great, I had chance to share and spend time with families of them and they are great, so, people which is involved on Medvednica Bears I have no doubts they are the best, now we need to motivate them to be close to us during the time and that they feel part of this organization actively, no just because they are family of our players... Sounds easy, but it is a constant battle throughout the time.

What do you expect of your wan for the rest of the season?

Today finishing June and close to start July, we have better record than last year, I think this year is better already for Medvednica Bears, it's up to the organization to bring out roof higher than today, is not time anymore to care about personal stats or personal performances (I was doing that the first 2 months over here) but is not a priority anymore, because somebody as a baseball player can't care about his performance, and also care about umpiring, scorekeeping and the poor maintenance of the fields, if they don't understand the concept, why a player should care about all those points? But personally I'm open to support and improve these areas if people involved is open and high-mind for accept these challenges and become better tomorrow.
By now, this team need to increase its experience, needs to grow up as a team, needs work and train harder than today and the most important, needs to project a higher goal every single day.

Quick questions:

1. Favorite food here? 
Maybe Fritula and Latin American Food which I cook at home like Onioned Beef Steak (Bistec Encebollado) with beans and rice.

2. Chilean or Croatian girls?
Both have great qualities, Croatians are beautiful, but Chileans are beautiful also, likes are very personal it's up to your personal likes...

3. How about salsa here?
I have luck to have a Croatian brother like Alen Magdalenić, he and his girlfriend are professional salsa dancers and because of them I've met salsa over here, people is doing great here, but a bit different like Latin America, at least enough for hear some artists I like and do some steps like in home... But the best salsa sounds in my place 24/7 hahaha!

So that would be pretty much all. We are now turning to a big weekend and one again we invited you to come to stadium Središće at Saturday (3pm) and support our guys. 

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